Keeping your workforce efficient, effective and happy are all critical aspects to a successful business.

Managing your workforce across a range of jobs, all requiring different skill sets, abiding by specific rules and regulation can quickly become too complex for many companies. We build you the right workforce planning software to stay on top of your critical human resources in order to drive productivity, support your employees and enhance customer satisfaction.

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We build workforce planning software that is targeted for your specific workforce rules, employee preferences and for the right time horizon

Field Service Management Software

How do I manage my live mobile workforce?

Field Service Management is a complex problem facing many last mile logistics and services businesses. When you have to align staff with priority jobs, time windows, and availability while at the same time managing qualifications, workforce rules and travel time, simple software and manual approaches don’t support your business goals.

  • Field staff need the ability to make quick and agile decisions to prioritise jobs and routes,
  • Operational Managers need to deliver efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Strategic Managers need visibility and audibility across all operations.

We remove complexity through smart modern software that is tailored for your business requirements. With mathematical engines built into the core of our software, and intuitive user interfaces we develop the field service management software that you need

Staff Rostering Software

How do I build the optimal daily roster?

Staff rostering is a critical part to any business especially when they’re customer facing. Businesses need the ability to align staff schedules with their daily roster to ensure they are both staying on budget, utilising their available man-hours and meeting customer requirements.

  • Staff need certainty and visibility around the hours they are working each day,
  • Operational Managers need the visibility and control around available hours, overtime blowouts and roster shortfalls
  • Strategic Managers need the ability to align actual staffing with business goals and KPIs

We build the right staff rostering software that enables the efficient and effective rostering of staff across your daily operations to support and align with all business goals.

Staff Scheduling Software

How do I schedule based on rules, job requirements, and available staff?

Staff scheduling is a critical part to managing your human resources in any business. When aligning staff availability, qualifications, and preferences with client job requirements, client expectations, and avaliable assets, all while meeting common rules and regulation the scheduling problem becomes complex very fast.

  • Staff need the confidence in their schedule that they will have the right skills, and be at the right place for their jobs,
  • Operational Managers need the certainty that the right staff, will be at the right jobs, at the right time, with the right equipment,
  • Strategic Managers need the visibility across all costs, and movements to ensure they are meeting customer expectations and business KPIs

We ensure that you have the right targeted solutions that support your operational and strategic staff scheduling requirements. Through our targeted software you can be certain in better scheduling your staff.

Manpower Planning Software

How do I strategically manage my employees?

Manpower planning is a critical role in long term strategic resource planning. When aligning your workforce’s qualifications, availability and levels to forecasted, and planned jobs it is important that you have the right tools to make these strategic decisions.

  • Operational Managers need to be able to align their short term plans to long term forecasts to meet their KPIs
  • Strategic Managers need certainty and justification in their long term decision making

We are the world leaders at merging mathematics and software to improve your critical decision making. By working with you to find the right questions to answer, we can then quickly develop a powerful mathematical application that can drive your strategic decision making.