Logistics Network Optimisation
We worked with QLD Cotton to build an optimisation engine to assist in the strategic decision making required around their logistics network Read More >
Logistics Management
We worked with Savanna Energy to build a cloud based transport request tool that facilitates the movement of equipment and resources required by well sites on oil and gas projects Read More >
Landfill Emissions Calculator
We worked with Boral to build a landfill gas emission calculator so they could meet NGER requirements and make more informed and sustainable decisions Read More >
Fibre Optic Network Design
We worked with NBN Co to determine the most efficient and effective way to design their FTTH network in Australia using quantitative analytics Read More >
Long Term Demand Forecasting
We worked with Boral to build an optimisation engine to assist in the quantitative and justified decision making required to forecast demand around facility sizing for capital investment decisions Read More >
Train Crew Scheduling Optimisation
We worked with Aurizon to optimise their coal train crew scheduling by building a custom tool that reduces planning effort and increases visibility across their scheduling operations Read More >