Biarri has provided us with an emissions calculator that provides the information we need to determine pricing decisions now, and into the future. The Biarri team’s solution meets NGER’s requirements while also responding to our particular needs, and the result is that we now have a customised view of the generation and emissions profile for our landfill.

Clete Elms
Business Manager, Boral Waste Solutions

Business Need

Boral Waste Solutions runs one of the largest landfills in Australia, the Boral Western Landfill in Western Australia. The Commonwealth Government’s Clean Energy Regulator required Boral to report on carbon liability for its landfill’s emissions. As landfills emit methane and carbon for years after waste disposal Boral had to predict its future carbon liabilities at the date of receiving the waste to accurately price waste disposal for its customers. The government’s calculator was quite limited and Boral required a customised tool to help understand and visualise the contribution of each waste deposit to the overall waste generation of the landfill.

Our Approach

  • We worked closely with Boral to understand what they were missing from the government supplied landfill emission calculator.
  • The Boral team were quick to outline what they were looking to achieve with the tool and we were able to mathematically formulate the problem.
  • We were then able to use the Biarri Workbench to rapidly develop a landfill gas emissions calculator with all the additional customisation that Boral required.
  • This enabled Boral to make far better decisions on their landfill emissions and increase their sustainability footprint.

The Results

  • The tool allowed Boral to begin measuring their non – liable “legacy waste” and its relationship with their total existing and future landfill emissions.
  • The tool also satisfied Boral’s need to break down the key contributing factors to their overall emissions so they could make more informed strategic and sustainable decisions.
  • The easy to use visualisation of each landfill deposit allowed for far greater rigour to their landfill emissions reporting